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- Tittensor village

Tittensor village is three miles NNW of Stone in Staffordshire. Historically Tittensor forms part of Stone parish. The de Tittensor family occupied a manor house which passed to the Gerrard family sometime before 1405. The house was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the centuries, and was finally demolished in 1834. Some of the materials were used to build St Luke's church in Tittensor was constructed in 1880-81. The ruins of the manor house remained until they were finally demolished in the early 1960s.
These pictures of Tittensor church were taken in December 1999.
Tittensor church Tittensor church
More information on Tittensor village and its history can be found in "Tittensor: An Estate Village", one of Keele University's Social History Walks series of booklets, Tutor Andrew Dobraszczyc.

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