TITTENSOR One-Name Study - Aims
We started researching our own family tree in the 1980s. Although Tittensor is an uncommon name nationally, in North Staffordshire it is quite common, and we found it difficult to distinguish between individuals with the more common forenames. We therefore decided to collect information on all Tittensors in order to be able to eliminate other Tittensors from our enquiries. It is our supposition that all the Tittensors originate from the village of Tittensor, and are possibly descended from one family. We therefore hope to be able to link all the various families in our one-name study.
Of course, we have not yet succeeded with this ambitious objective. However we have gathered a lot of information. Our part of the family seems to originate from around Stoke-on-Trent. Our research is greatly handicapped by the destruction of the Hanley St John parish registers in 1842. There is a much bigger concentration of Tittensors in Newcastle-under-Lyme, where many Tittensors still live today. We are also in contact with other familes who have moved away from Staffordshire and some who have emigrated to the USA, Canada & Australia.

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